An Unexpected Way to Start Day Three

Day Three began in an unusual way. When I awoke I was sitting in a chair in the Living Room! I had been watching 24 Hours in A & E and must have fallen asleep when it ended. Oops! I had come to at about 4.00 am but then immediately fell asleep again and woke at about 7.30 am. It’s a good job that I find that chair comfortable to sleep in!

That is the first time that I have spent all night sleeping in the chair. (By the way, I hadn’t been drinking any alcohol.) However, I have spent quite a lot of time asleep in that chair over recent weeks. Since the tiredness began to hit me, I have fallen asleep very easily at times during the day. Sometimes I would settle on the sofa deliberately to sleep, but at other times I would doze off in the chair. I don’t always realise how tired I am which has meant that I have fallen asleep halfway through a row of knitting, or whilst using my iPad. I need to learn how to recognise when those sneaky sleeps are likely to overtake me as I certainly don’t want them to happen anywhere else.

After the weird start, the day went quite well. I decided not to try using my new sewing machine as I wanted to go to Cobwebs and The Knitting Basket in Tottington. They were doing a fundraiser for Children in Need, with cakes and biscuits. I admit to feeling tired on the way there and when I first arrived but I was pleased that the tiredness lifted fairly soon after my arrival. I felt considerably more human once the tiredness went. It’s a peculiar feeling when the tiredness descends or lifts: the change in how I feel happens quickly, rather than progressing slowly as used to happen. The upside is that it seems to lift quickly, too, so I’m not clawing my way through tiredness to reach the plateau of wakefulness. I wonder if other Fibro sufferers find that? [If you have Fibro, please do comment below about how the tiredness appears in you as I am interested to know.]

Apart from that touch of tiredness at Cobwebs, I didn’t feel too tired for the rest of the day. However, what I did notice was some pain in my shoulders and neck. I haven’t had that for a couple of weeks and had thought it had gone completely. I know different now, don’t I? Well, I’m not letting it get me down. It’s more discomfort than pain so I am very lucky. I know that pain can be a real problem in Fibro and, apparently, it is difficult to treat successfully with drugs.

As time goes on I shall read more about Fibromyalgia, its symptoms and the various treatments available: both traditional and complementary therapies, but I don’t intend to rush into it headlong. There is too much to read and watch and learn, so I will take it steady. Watch this space for more about what I discover.


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Way to Start Day Three

  1. My tiredness comes and goes and it changes. Sometimes, it’s sudden, so sudden that it feels almost like I’m about to pass out; other times it is a much slower process where I don’t even realise I’m going to sleep, I just wake up later!! The pain is sometimes so excruciating, it is all consuming and totally debilitating. Other times, as you say, it is more uncomfortable rather than outright pain.


  2. I to find the tiredness comes and goes last week I cud not keep my eyes open if I tried to knit hand sew are read I would just fall asleep some days i can get out of bed and then get right back in again liz


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