Days 4 and 5 – The Second Half of the First Week

Although I didn’t deliberately miss writing a post for Day 4, it has helped me to decide that I won’t necessarily post on here every day. I realise that if I have to make a point of posting every day, that means that I will have to concentrate on the Fibromyalgia every day, and I don’t think that would be a good thing. An important part of living with a chronic condition is accepting it, absorbing the reality of it into one’s day-to-day life. It doesn’t mean actively thinking about it or being aware of it all of the time. I don’t want Fibromyalgia to become the centre of my life – it is only part of my life.

I want people to know that I have the condition, that it has an impact on how I live and, also, to understand some of the practical changes that are necessary to help me get the best from our relationship. One example of that occurred yesterday. My partner, Peter, and I were due to have lunch with my son and his family. I had asked him to ring beforehand to give an indication of what time they were likely to arrive. Instead, we received a phone call when they were just a mile away from us. I was in the middle of doing something and had hoped to have a rest before they arrived so that I didn’t become overtired but, of course, that was impossible. The possible impact of his unexpected arrival simply hadn’t occurred to him so I had to explain why it’s important for him to give me some warning, if possible. It may be that, when I am more used to living with Fibro, it will be easier to be more flexible about this sort of thing – I simply don’t know but, for the time being, this is how I need it to be.

Having said all of the above, tiredness has not been such a problem over the weekend. It has mainly affected me during the evenings, which I find easier to cope with. Last night, when I kept falling asleep in the chair, Peter suggested that I go to bed. I told him that I was really glad he did so as it woke me sufficiently to be able to go to bed. It is all too easy for me to keep sleeping, waking and sleeping again until the early hours of the morning. I hope that he will do that again when I am in that cycle.

What I have noticed over the weekend is more discomfort in my back shoulders and neck. It is painful but not overly so – I can easily cope with it, for which I am thankful. I am so lucky that I am not suffering the excruciating pain that I believe many, if not most, people with Fibro suffer.

All in all, days 4 and 5 have been pretty good. Mind you, it doesn’t make it any easier to this of how to answer the dreaded question… “How are you?”


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