Learning About The Fibro Payoff

Yesterday was a good day. I went to meet some friends for coffee and a chat whilst knitting in the morning and then went Christmas shopping.

I had planned which shops I wanted to go to and restricted myself to those three. There was another nearby but I knew I was getting tired so I decided against pushing myself too much. Instead I returned home and had a rest.

After a short rest, I worked for a while on a present that I was making for Peter’s sister-in-law. Another break whilst I cooked and ate dinner then watched TV, then I was bright enough to complete the bag.

I was pleased to finish the present without feeling stressed about it as, ideally, it needed to be ready for this morning. Well, I managed it and didn’t feel too tired, or should I say I didn’t realise how tired I was? I fell asleep in the chair again. I must try not to do that: it is becoming too easy to not recognise how tired or sleepy I am. I didn’t waken until Peter came downstairs, whereupon I went to bed!

Then came today…

After breakfast I pottered about doing bits and pieces then sat down with a cup of coffee… and fell asleep for two and a half hours. Thinking about it, I should perhaps have realised that I was tired when I was pottering as I didn’t really feel much like doing anything.

Note to self: if you feel like just pottering, think about tiredness – do you need to rest?

And so we have the Fibro Payoff – busy today: tired tomorrow. At this stage, I don’t know if that will always be the way of things, but it certainly is at the moment.

One good thing, though: when I feel as bright as a button, I truly appreciate and enjoy the moment! That’s a silver lining of Fibromyalgia and we have to take whatever silver linings we can.


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