Lorry Drivers Should be More Careful

Peter and I had plans for yesterday morning which included dealing with a task that had been outstanding for some time. There were a few bits and pieces that I wanted to do beforehand and I cleared those out of the way easily. We moved on to the main task which involved piles of papers, files and telephone calls and, amazingly, managed to complete the necessary work on them before stopping for coffee and a break.

I made coffee for us and, as I was carrying it through to the living room, out of nowhere a 10-ton truck came speeding into the side of me. Whoosh! My energy had completely disappeared. Totally. Absolutely. Utterly. Gone. No trace to be seen of it, or of the offending truck and its driver.

Walking the last few steps from the kitchen to my chair were hard work. I felt surprisingly unwell. I say “surprisingly” because there had been no trace of it at all during the morning. I sat down and couldn’t summon the energy to pick up the mug and take a sip of coffee. I was hungry (I’d had no breakfast) but there was no way I could even contemplate attempting to eat the breakfast bar that was sitting patiently by my coffee. I was exhausted and that exhaustion was affecting every part of my body. It was making me feel unwell in a way I am struggling to describe. It was an all-encompassing “bleugh”. I cannot remember ever having felt like that before.

That “bleugh” feeling lasted throughout much of the afternoon. I was due to go to the dentist and then on to the meeting of the Thursday evening knitting group of which I am a member. I have tried to go to the meeting on several Thursdays recently but, each time, have not felt well enough. I haven’t been to any of the meetings since around June of this year.

I decided to drive myself to the dentist as I had perked up by then. When I came out from the dentist I would decide whether or not to continue on to the knitting group. There was a slight hiccup when I came out but, after I had popped into the convenience store opposite, I felt well enough to continue.

Although I didn’t remain for the entire knitting group meeting, I feel a sense of achievement that I managed to get there at all.

So, a rather mixed day, but I do think that lorry drivers should be more careful!


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