Have I Told You The One About…


Long ago, before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I developed long-term anxiety and depression. Stress took its toll of my mental health and wellbeing. It had been kicking me physically for years, including awarding me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in about 1996. Sorry, I digress. Anxiety and depression.

I no longer have a job outside the home. My work largely consists of managing my anxiety and depression. I think I do pretty well at it: I’m fairly good at recognising the signs and avoiding major relapses. However, during the past couple of weeks the anxiety has been popping its head up at unusual times and manifesting itself in ways I haven’t experienced before. These changes began a few days prior to my being given the Fibro diagnosis so I’m unsure whether they are related to that or something else. Certainly, a couple of days before the first manifestation I had realised that, despite my optimism, I very probably did have Fibro, but I was still trying very hard to deny it. When I received the actual diagnosis what I felt was disappointment, not anxiety. Maybe the anxiety had simply decided to play its own game with me. In any event, that’s what it has been doing. It’s been rearing its ugly head at the strangest times but I am pleased that I have been able to cope with it. I wouldn’t say I have tamed it, but I have coped with it and that’s a good start.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll tell you about how it feels for me, coming to terms with Fibro.

Perhaps not. We’ll see.


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