Does Adrenalin Make Any Difference?

As I mentioned in my last post, I visited my mother for a few days, although I actually stayed with a friend. This was a new departure for, until now, my mother had a spare bedroom which I could use. Since her move to a smaller property during my previous visit, my friend invited me to stay with her when I’m there.

Staying with Rosemarie (my friend) was such a pleasure. The first evening I was there, she and I met a mutual friend for a drink and a chat. We had a really enjoyable evening. We have all known each other since our children were babies and now we all have grandchildren! We’ve watched all the children grow up and develop, and shared happy and sad times. When Rosemarie arrived back we sat chatting for a while longer, which led to a late night. As well as that, we had lots of times when we could talk about whatever we wanted. It was so relaxing and a perfect foil for the stress I often feel when I am so busy doing things with or for my mother.

On a couple of the mornings during my stay, I did my usual trick of falling asleep a while after I had got up in the morning. On one occasion I didn’t waken until 11.30 am! It made for a rather late start to the day with my mother. The other time was when my younger son was due to join us and, even though Rosemarie kindly woke me, I was late arriving. Black marks for me. Also, when I arrived at my mother’s one morning, I almost fell asleep on her sofa. However, apart from those occasions, and an early night on Sunday, I managed fairly well. I did wonder if it was adrenalin that was keeping me going. Even before having Fibro, I found that I would be a little tired for a couple of days after I had returned from a visit to see my mother.

When we walked into the house yesterday upon returning from the visit, I had barely walked into the living room when the tiredness and exhaustion totally enveloped me. I felt beyond drained. I was entirely wiped out. I had to sit in the chair and do nothing. I began to check emails on my iPad, as I can usually manage to do so when feeling very tired, but even that was beyond me. What I needed was sleep, and plenty of it. Peter suggested that I went to bed, but I knew that if I went to bed then, at 4.30pm, I was likely to sleep right through to morning. Instead, I sat in the chair and struggled to stay awake whilst eating the dinner Peter kindly cooked for me. On Monday evenings, two of the few TV programmes I like to watch are broadcast but I slept through much of them and on to much later in the evening. Luckily I stirred sufficiently when Peter was going to bed to be able to go to bed myself, whereupon I slept until 4.00am!

Waking early appears to be happening to me regularly but I refuse to be concerned about it as I believe that worrying makes sleep patterns worse. Instead, I embrace the early morning and get up. I work on the principle that if I have energy then I may as well make use of it. If I fall asleep after a while, so be it, I don’t mind at all. However, it will be interesting to see how long I last today!


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