It’s Been A Long Time

Yes, it’s been a long time since I last posted anything here.

Peter and I went on holiday to Antarctica. It was the holiday that Peter had been worried about due to his concerns about how well I might cope.

It was an amazing holiday, for so many reasons. I was able to rest well during the journey from Manchester to Ushuaia and that helped me considerably by providing a good starting point.

During the first two days aboard ship there was a programme of lectures that we were invited to attend. I went to many of the organised lectures but, unfortunately, I kept dozing off during many of them. It was frustrating for me and and rude to the speakers (I made a point of apologising to each of them). When the landings ashore began, I immediately missed the first as I was so desperately tired. I slept for the entire time the landings were taking place. The fact that I slept helped Peter to accept my not taking part in that particular landing, thank goodness – it also helped me to accept that the tiredness is real and resting is not just OK, it is most definitely necessary. Of course, it was a pity that I had to miss seeing a place we had not been to on our previous holiday in Antarctica, but resting was a necessary evil.

I managed to take part in most of the landings and zodiac cruises but did miss one later in the holiday. I was a little disappointed but, generally, I think I did well throughout the trip. This may have been due to the increasing dose of Gabapentin that I have been taking – I don’t yet know. I am waiting to see how I fare now that I am home. In any event, I am due to see my GP on Monday 29 December for a review, so, watch this space.

In the meantime, yesterday was a fairly good day, despite only returning home during the late morning, at the end of two days’ travelling. Furthermore, today hasn’t been bad even if I did make a slow start!



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