A Few Days Have Passed

A few days have passed since I last posted on here. In that time I have reached the full dose of Gabapentin that my GP prescribed for me.

The first thing that I want to say about taking the Gabapentin is that it’s a darned nuisance! Separately from the Gabapentin I have to take medication twice a day. Gabapentin must not be taken within two hours of one of the items I have been prescribed. So, I swapped that item to the evening so that it would not interfere with my first Gabapentin dose of the day, even though it should be taken in the morning.

The second thing about taking Gabapentin is that having to take it three times a day us a darned nuisance! (Does anything sound familiar here?) I keep forgetting to take the second dose during the afternoon. If I’m lucky, I remember at around 4.30pm. Then I have to remember that I can’t take my usual medication until at least 6.30pm but… I mustn’t take it too late because of the last dose of Gabapentin.

The third thing I want to say about taking Gabapentin is that it doesn’t seem to have sorted out my fatigue problems. My GP and I spoke briefly about this on Monday and he mentioned that tiredness can be one of the side effects of Gabapentin! Now, that’s definitely a darned nuisance! As I say, we only spoke briefly about it but I’m sure we will discuss it further during my next appointment.

Whether or not it has been due to side effects of Gabapentin, or to the Fibromyalgia itself I don’t know, but these last few days I have been swaying between utter exhaustion and mere tiredness. I say “swaying” as I definitely didn’t have the energy to do anything as athletic as “swinging” between the two!

Finally, today, I have felt less tired and more able to get on and do something. I don’t think I can explain just how liberating that feels. Today I could choose to do nothing if I wanted to, rather than having that state forced upon me. Yes. I think “liberating” is exactly the right word.


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