Are You Still Feeling Tired?

I received a telephone call yesterday afternoon enquiring how the appointment with my GP had gone. I gave a quick precis then came The Question…

“Are you still feeling tired?”

The person on the other end of the telephone had been very concerned when the tiredness I had been feeling dragged on after the chest infection had cleared up in September. She had urged me to consult my GP and, when he could give no quick answers, became quite annoyed on my behalf. However, as you nay have already guessed from the question above, she doesn’t understand that the tiredness I feel is a symptom of the Fibromyalgia. I have tried to explain it to her, but without success. She has seen me dozing off in a chair because of it and had to wait for me when I was late because I fell asleep for two hours when I should have been on my way to see her: but still she doesn’t understand. Instead, I am asked The Question in what feels like an accusatory tone.

I think that, sometimes, people don’t hear or don’t understand because they don’t want to, or can’t allow themselves to. That’s OK, it’s their choice, but what about the people on the other side of it? The ones who are being asked The Question?


2 thoughts on “Are You Still Feeling Tired?

  1. As the saying goes Dina, there is none so blind as those who will not see. The same is true for those who don’t want to hear. If they don’t hear (or see) they don’t have to deal with it and they are happier that way – the person on the other end??? Well, they just have to carry on getting on with things, don’t they? x


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