Preliminary Findings

I have been carrying out some research recently in association with one of the top universities in the UK and an international drug company. It was one of the main purposes of my recent trip to Antarctica, although I was not permitted to disclose that fact at the time.

Our ship made what, to the other passengers and most of the Expedition Team, was an unscheduled landing at an apparently disused scientific research station. In fact, the Expedition Leader and its doctor and I knew the true reason for that landing. Even Peter was unaware of events. (I didn’t realise I was so skilled at keeping secrets!)

The landing was necessary for the research project but, oh, what a bonus for me (or, should I say that it was a hardship? No, I’m not that good a liar!), having to endure a trip to my favourite place in the world! Doesn’t life throw some dreadful trials occasionally?

In fact, I was involved in several experiments and research activities during the trip which have been crucial to the success of this project. In fact, I impressed myself with how well I was able to hide all evidence of my research from other passengers on the ship and, especially Peter.

However, I am now permitted to reveal some of the preliminary findings of our research, although I shall limit myself to just one today. Do, please, bear in mind that this is just a preliminary statement. Background information, with sources; morbidity and mortality statistics; research methods; details of participating organisations; outcomes and treatments will all be published in the full report which is scheduled for release on 29 February 2015.

The preliminary conclusion is that relaxing is good for you. Well, it seems to have been for me! (And, in case you hadn’t guessed, the rest of this post is nonsense!)


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