Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time

Writing a blog post. Easy enough to do. Doesn’t take long. No, it doesn’t. Usually. Only this morning turned out not to be “usually”.

For the past few days I have been a bit tired. Now, I say “a bit” because it hasn’t been the bone-aching tiredness and it hasn’t been the “walking into a wall” exhaustion. I have simply felt tired and occasionally had a doze. Definitely nothing major.

This morning…

Well, this morning saw the return of a phenomenon that occurred during the first few weeks after Fibro had made its unremarkable appearance. I was typing a post for my blog – it was only a short post, ending up at 261 words – when I suddenly realised I had been asleep. My iPad had switched off so I had slept for at least a couple of minutes.

Upon coming to, I immediately put down my iPad, walked over to the sofa and lay down. I fell asleep in less than a minute, I think, but woke just a few minutes later when Peter entered the room. After exchanging a few words with him I immediately entered the Land of Nod where I remained happily for two hours! Upon waking, I couldn’t remember what I had been doing on my iPad. It was only when I picked it up some time later that I saw the half-written post. So, instead of taking me a few minutes, the blog post took several hours! That’s what Fibro can do for you.

As I remarked to Peter, I don’t know about procrastination being the thief of time, I think Fibromyalgia is the thief of time.


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