Feeling A Bit Dippy

My Fibro Dip is continuing (hence the title of today’s post) and today it’s making me feel a bit miserable.

I think that sometimes Peter gets a little fed up with having me around feeling tired for much of the time, and who can blame him? Certainly not me. I get fed up with me feeling tired.

Today, for example, I got up at around 07.30 having slept well overnight. However, soon after 08.30 I needed to lie down and sleep. I slept until around 09.45, then promptly fell sound asleep until 11.30. Three hours!

I pottered around doing easy tasks and also ate lunch but I was still tired again before 14.00. That was when the misery hit me. Here I am. Little more than a tired lump. And it really hit me how tedious it is for Peter to have someone around who seems to be always tired. I felt like a drain on him for being so tired, so often. When I mentioned how I was feeling to him he assured me that he’s OK about it. I still felt miserable, although I think it was an actual symptom of the tiredness rather than an emotional reaction to it.

Some time has passed since 14.00 and I have spent it alternately doing tasks and resting – but at least I don’t feel as miserable as I did earlier.

I wonder if other Fibro sufferers feel misery as a symptom, rather than as a reaction, to misery?


2 thoughts on “Feeling A Bit Dippy

  1. I would think that misery or depressive feelings would be more of a reaction to not feeling “up” as you would want to be. Kind of a vicious little circle, isn’t it?


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