Well, That’s New.

The tiredness hass continued this week. On Monday we were on a coach travelling to the northwest of Scotland. I had slept badly on Sunday night and on Monday I was desperate for sleep – and I mean desperate. I began to get frantic on the coach because I was so desperate to sleep. It was a horrid feeling. Peter was marvellous: he simply accepted that I needed to sleep. He didn’t ask questions, there was no unnecessary chatter, he simply let me rest.

Tuesday wasn’t too bad but Tuesday night was awful. I kept waking during the night: sometimes I was so cold I was shivering, at other times I was too hot. When I awoke this morning I didn’t feel at all refreshed. I felt exhausted, I ached all over and felt generally below par. All I really wanted to do was sleep. Although I lay on the bed after breakfast I didn’t drop off to sleep and, in fact, couldn’t really relax. I decided to get up and go down to the hotel lounge area whilst Peter lay down. I knitted for a while and would have been happy to just sit around all day. However, we had talked about going to the town centre today and finally managed to stir ourselves to go.

The trip to the town wasn’t particularly successful. The aches and pains I had woken with were very much in evidence during the bus journey each way and also whilst we were pottering around the town.

On our return to the hotel I lay on the bed and did, eventually manage to fall asleep but, again, upon waking I did not feel refreshed.

Apart from feeling tired, all of the symptoms that I have mentioned above are new to me. I think today can definitely be put down as a Fibro Day. Oh gosh, I hope they don’t happen often.


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