Things Come In Threes

Isn’t it so often the case that things come in threes? We hear it being said when two things, vaguely similar, happen fairly close together:

– These things always come in threes.

– Better watch out for the third time.

…and so on


Don’t tell anyone, it’ll be our secret, but…

Things don’t always come in threes!

Sometimes, you can suffer two consecutive Fibro Days, full of aches and pains, and feeling unwellness (it probably isn’t a word but it says and sounds exactly right), all of which can drag you down psychologically. However, it could be that on the third day you feel amazing: no aches, no pains, no general feeling of being unwell. All of which disproves the theory that things come in threes. Now, don’t tell anyone but yesterday that was my third day! Whoopee! No difficulty moving because of stiffness. No pain whenever I tried to change position. No tightness in strange parts of my body. No need to pull my legs along because they wouldn’t move properly. No tiredness. No lethargy. No exhaustion. No wonder I felt so much much brighter than I had for days. No other feeling in the world quite like easily being able to do the things you used to find easy to do.

It’s amazing to have the chance to enjoy simply being the ‘me’ I’ve always been, in the body I’ve always had, without the Fibro I haven’t always had.

I will happily have three days of that!


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