My Primary School Teacher Would Be Pleased With Me

It’s many years since I attended primary school.

When I was in Mrs. Wood’s class we read Stig of the Dump – I enjoyed that book tremendously and, for years after, I kept saying that I would reread it, but somehow I never got round to doing so. Mrs. Wood always looked stern because of her grey hair pulled back into a french pleat. If we were making a lot of noise, she would complain of the ‘din’ – the trouble was that none of us knew what the word ‘din’ meant!

When we had P.E. Mrs. Wood would call out “Up, down, up, down” and we would have to jump up and squat down as she called out. I was always useless at P.E. and would keep getting out of synch with her calling. Poor Mrs. Wood, I think I was the bane of her life in more ways than one. However, if she could see me now she might be pleasantly surprised as I’m up and down like a yoyo at the moment. Well, the fibro is, even if I’m not.

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week I had bad days with a lot if aches and pains, and generally feeling unwell. Then, on Friday, I felt brilliant. Saturday ended up being a fairly neutral (for ‘neutral’ read ‘flat’) day. Today, Sunday, looked like being a clone of Saturday but, no. Little Miss Fibro had something else planned for me. She decided that Sunday was looking ideal for a ‘down’ day. And so, ladies and gentlemen, we gave the third vad Fibro Day in less than a week. “Up, down, up, down.”

As I said, Mrs. Wood would be very pleased with me. It’s a good job too, because I am most definitely NOT pleased with me, at the moment!


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