How About A Game Of Body Bingo?

We’re not really going to play a game, it’s just that when I was thinking about a title for this post, Body Bingo seemed quite apt.

OK, down to business. As soon as I’d published my last post, I realised that I hadn’t included how I had been feeling physically. Too much ‘mind’, not enough ‘matter’.

During last week, my fibro manifested in new ways: most, if not all of them, have been physical symptoms. I am listing them to make them easier to navigate. I have simply worked my way down the body – more or less.

Fluctuating body temperature: I awoke in the night feeling cold and shivering badly. I fell asleep again and woke a while later feeling very hot.

Brain/mind: my brain wasn’t really working at full capacity.

Neck pain: I was suffering an aching type of pain making it hard to find a comfortable position in which to hold my neck.

Swollen glands in my neck: they weren’t swollen but the sensation made it seem as though they were – a bit like Mumps.

Shoulder pain: both shoulders felt stiff and painful. It wasn’t joint pain but neither was it muscle pain.

Pain between my clavicle and my arms: do you know that triangular area between your collar bone and the top of your arms? Well, that was sore and felt as though someone was  pushing on the area.

Pain in my upper arms: it felt as though someone with huge thumbs was pushing very hard into my skin.

Thoracic area of my back:  stiffness and pain in this part of my back,  supplemented by a stronger pain, centred on the spine itself.

Lumber region: pain and stiffness which made it painful to stand up straight and also to walk. It meant I was bent over for much of the time, causing more pain in other areas.

Lower abdomen: I had pain on each side of my abdomen radiating outwards and down towards my back.

Groin: more pain, this time penetrating deep into the groin on both the left and right sides.

Sacrum: aching in this area.

Sore and aching knees.

If you’ve reached this point you deserve a prize!

NOW, I want to make it plain that I did not suffer all of the above at the same time, AND not all of those aches and pains were dreadful to cope with, if taken in isolation. However, I felt all of them at some time or times during the week, with or without other symptoms and, the more of them I had at a time, the lousier I felt. I was very lucky though. The aches and pains were such that I could cope with them: I wasn’t crying with pain, which I know can and does happen with fibromyalgia. They hurt to the point that they made walking more difficult and, generally, I felt well below par, but it was uncomfortable rather than drastic. It was my first taste of Little Miss Fibro as something other than fatigue and I think I got off very lightly!


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