Not Quite What I’d Hoped For

After spending most of the day asleep, I had hoped that I would arise bright and breezy from the ashes of my somnolent Thursday. Alas, it was not to be: neither on Friday nor on Saturday.

For the past two days I have felt tired, though not particularly sleepy. I seem to have been trapped in a sort of mushy haze. I just haven’t been “with it”. I have had very little physical or mental energy. Whenever I have been seated I have found my eyes closing: not so much needing to fall asleep, more a case of not being bothered with or by anything. It has been a peculiar state to inhabit.

I did fall asleep this afternoon but I still didn’t feel refreshed afterwards. However, I think this is the first period that I have had like this. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen often, ‘cos it ain’t much fun! Oh, I forgot for a moment, that’s frequently the case with Fibromyalgia, the fun part (is there one?) is not much in evidence.


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