A Bouncy Sort Of Day

Yesterday there was bad weather across much of the British Isles and, during our journey from Donegal to home, we encountered quite a bit of it! As we set sail from Belfast to Cairnryan, an announcement came across the public address system. We were informed that our crossing could be bouncy, sorry, a little rough. There seemed to be a collective sharp intake of breath as the passengers heard that news. I, however, was already used to it being a bouncy sort of day.

We had had an early start to the day as the departure time of our coach was 07:15. That meant that the hotel had scheduled breakfast for our group at 06:20. Peter had gently woken me at around 05:45. I like to have a slow start to the day and had calculated that if I woke then it would allow time for that.

I felt more tired than usual when I awoke, and it was a different type of tiredness. It seemed to wear off fairly quickly, however, upon reflection, I was slower and quieter than usual, although I didn’t particularly notice it at the time.

When I boarded the coach I settled down with my knitting. I realise that probably seems a little unusual, but when travelling I often knit or crochet early in the day. I only managed to knit a few rows and then I began to feel unwell. I started to ache all over, felt ill – almost as though I had flu – and had a desperate, almost panicky need to sleep. Normally I can fall asleep fairly easily on a coach but that certainly wasn’t the case yesterday morning. My feeling ill, inability to get comfortable and desperate need to sleep began to make me vulnerable and almost tearful. I felt a deep need for human touch and reassurance. Peter and I had taken advantage of there being many empty seats on the coach and each had a pair of seats to ourselves. However, feeling as I did, I moved back to sit next to him. I snuggled into his shoulder and, holding his hand, drifted off to sleep. I was pleased to be feeling much brighter when I awoke some time later.

On the ferry, we disembarked from our coach and headed upstairs to the passenger deck. As we were doing so there was some confusion as to which deck we needed to be on. That was when the Fibro Fog hit me. Later, Peter asked if I had been experiencing dizziness so I realised that he had noticed the state I was in, at the time.

As you can see, it was quite an up and down sort of day for me yesterday. It gave me a further insight into how my Fibro is taking shape. Whether or not that is helpful, I have yet to find out.


2 thoughts on “A Bouncy Sort Of Day

  1. My heart bleeds for you during this period of ‘adjustment’ and I wish there was something I could do to ease things for you, but you’ll cope, I have every faith in you. x


    • Thank you, Anne. That’s such a kind thing to say. I am very lucky: I have lots of support (which includes you) and my Fibro is very mild. I’m not rushing headlong into dealing with it, I’m just taking each day as it comes. Don’t under-estimate the importance of simply being there for someone, even if s/he doesn’t actually ‘use’ you. 🙂

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