A New Dimension

It’s been a funny old week, Fibro-wise. Adrenalin has played a huge part this week.

Staying with my mother is always a busy time: in fact, frantic would be an accurate description of some of the time. We live about 250 miles apart and she is knocking on a bit (she’ll be extremely annoyed with me if I were to say she is old!). Added to that, she has complex health problems which have progressed to a point where she is pretty much unable to go out alone. She manages pretty well with support from friends but there are some things which she would, understandably, prefer to be able to do with the help of someone more closely connected to her… and that means me, as my only sibling lives in Australia. Consequently, visits to her entail dashing about getting things done, either at her home or elsewhere. And that’s where the adrenalin comes in.

Even before the onset of Fibromyalgia I would be absolutely shattered on arrival at my own home, so you can imagine the impact now!

What I have noticed about the Fibro during this visit is an underlying fatigue, accompanied by feelings of nausea to a greater or lesser degree. At its worst during this week, it has felt as though I was actually going to end up vomiting. I am very pleased to be able to say that it didn’t actually come to that, although the nausea has felt dreadful at times.

I have tried to rest during the day but circumstances make it difficult. It has also been hard to get sufficient sleep at night. Hmmm.

I shan’t dwell on the possibilities, instead I shall continue taking each day as it comes.


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