Happy Feet?

Have you heard the song that goes something like “Happy feet, I’ve got those happy feet…”? Or perhaps you’ve seen the animated film about the penguins? All those ‘happy feet’.

Well, I have to tell you that my feet have not been happy. They have been decidedly grumpy, as has my mood. The reason?

Fibro Feet.

By Fibro Feet I mean that I have been suffering stabbing pains in my feet. I have had the phenomenon once or twice before when I was at home. However, this time the pains began when I was walking and standing. At one point I was standing in my mother’s cupboard-of-a-kitchen tiptoeing from one foot to the other. I think she thought her very middle-aged, very overweight daughter had suddenly taken up ballet. Ooh dear, that’s a sight not to be conjured with!

Tiptoeing didn’t make them feel considerably better, but it did improve the feelings a bit, so was worth doing. When I sat down, I put my feet up on the sofa as that usually improves any discomfort I am suffering, but it didn’t make any discernible difference to the stabbing pains.

The pains, as with so many symptoms of Fibromyalgia, are difficult to describe to other people, particularly the part about how the pain may be happening because of changes in the brain, rather than problems in the feet. My mother is definitely struggling to find any understanding of Fibro and I think that is making her worry about me. She has so many complex health problems, and also has to cope with the knowledge of my sister’s seriously deteriorating health and likely early demise, that I would like to be able to ease her worry about me. I have a chronic condition that I need to learn to live with. It’s unpleasant, but not life-threatening, as in their respective cases.

I shall need to spend time considering how best to present Fibro to my mother to help her understand it but to minimise her worries about me. Hmm, I don’t think that’s going to be easy!


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