Oh! I Remember…

Or perhaps I don’t remember.

My mother is ** years old. She would be annoyed with me if I told you but, as
I am in my late 50s, you may insert your own estimate of her age. Anyway (as usual
I have wandered off the point) even at that age her memory is good. She has often grumbled at me when I have not remembered something and told me how bad my memory is. In my defence, let me say that I am not sufficiently interested in where she bought a particular item of clothing to bother committing it to memory.

During this week, I noticed that I was have trouble recalling a couple of things. It made me wonder if it might be the start of a sinister decline in my short-term memory. Following on from that, last evening I received an email newsletter from which included a link to a survey which is looking at symptoms of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. One of the questions asked about memory problems. There came upon me a strange phenomenon colloquially known as a “light bulb moment”. It may be true that I am experiencing some short-term memory problems and they may be attributable to Fibro. Oh dear.


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