What Can I Say?

I’m not sure if I know how to explain this.

Yesterday saw a new development in my Fibro journey. One that I hadn’t been expecting. Came out of the blue. There had been no warning beforehand or, if there had, I didn’t recognise it as such.

It is something I shall certainly have to tell my doctor about, although I don’t need to contact him especially. I do need to ensure that I make a mental note to share it with him.

At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, I don’t need any treatment for it as I am perfectly able to take it in my stride. It didn’t cause me any particular problems so that has to be good, right?

Having said all of the above, I am a little concerned about putting the details of yesterday’s situation into print. I have therefore decided to type it in the middle of the following paragraph. You will see that the paragraph seems to be absolute nonsense. However, there are some words that make sense when read as a complete sentence.

Ther plimsell floiws gunty cin whijuybutwofnrudn soalfh hfu nkisiwnfh fhsufngs hilo apsslin slaocnwodfhtao ducnb I sjwisv wentted aquollijsbfu affkicednfileelo salodinghtisof jiedotudbdks Ihadareally gooddayyesterday andfeltliketheme beforefibrohitme anditwassuch atreattofeelhumanfor achangerather thantiredand lacklustreall thetime whejumdhsu inthesipprumm scobbledumpin swindeethingummy ondeelootcid


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