There’s Always Something New

I hope you were able to decipher the message in my last post which read:

“I had a really good day yesterday and felt like the me before fibro hit me and it was such a treat to feel human for a change rather than tired and lacklustre all the time.”

At this point I must apologise for any confusion or worry that my jumbled paragraph caused, and I do so unreservedly. It didn’t occur to me that anyone might misunderstand or misconstrue the meaning of my using the jumbled up words. I hid my message within that paragraph because I thought it would make the news of me feeling good a bit more interesting. One of my friends misunderstood and became very concerned about me as she thought hiding the message inside a jumble was my way of saying that i am beginning to struggle with communicating because of “a sea of gobble-de-gook” in my head. I know she has that problem sometimes which was why she was so upset for me. I am sorry for upsetting her and sincerely hope that no-one else was distressed or offended by what I viewed as a little bit of fun.

What about the “something new”, I hear you ask. Read on, Macduff.

After my wondrous day on Tuesday, Wednesday began quietly. I had all sorts of plans for what I wanted to do. However, whilst I was dressing I began to feel dizzy. It would probably be more accurate to say that my head felt swimmy (is that actually a word?). I occasionally suffer from dizziness (or vertigo) because of another condition, but Wednesday’s bout was completely different to those other bouts. This one felt much gentler, sort of floaty. The usual attacks happen hard and fast. They are so severe that I have to hold on to Peter as proof for my brain that I am not moving. Thank goodness that this new symptom was nowhere near as bad!

The remainder of the day was spent gently pottering and sleeping: I slept for around two and a half hours and would probably have slept longer, had I not been woken by the ring of the telephone! Today, Thursday, was fairly similar, but without the peculiar swimminess.


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