A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Near Fort Wiliam on a snowy day
Near Fort Wiliam on a snowy day

We have a saying here in the UK that “A change is as good as a rest”. Hmm, well I’m not convinced about the truth of it: I think someone probably thought it up to pacify one or more people who were having a change foisted upon them that wasn’t necessarily for the better. I’m prepared to agree that sometimes it can be true, but there are definitely times when it, most assuredly, isn’t. Take the last week, for example. Over the past seven days – actually, it’s eight days, but who’s counting? – the way fatigue affects me has changed.

I wrote a post on here last Wednesday after I had had my best day for months. Then, on Sunday, I wrote again and talked about how the days had been since that amazing day. When I composed the second of the posts I was feeling somewhat brighter than I had done during the intervening period… but it didn’t last. Sunday afternoon was rather unpleasant. In fact, I went so far downhill that fatigue was making me feel decidedly unwell, and that situation continued for another two days. This was the longest period I’ve had where I have felt so unwell, since Fibro made its appearance in my life. Up until now, if I have felt unwell when I have been fatigued, it has been more of a short term inconvenience than anything, but now that has changed. And I can’t honestly say that the change has been as good as a rest!


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