Sometimes It’s Hard To Describe



 Sometimes it’s hard to accurately or meaningfully describe how I am feeling. There have been several days recently when I haven’t been laid low by tiredness and fatigue, or by any other recognisable symptoms of Fibromyalgia. However, on those days, I haven’t really felt that I was having a ‘good’ day. Often, on days like those, I feel decidedly lacklustre.

What do I mean by lacklustre? Well, that’s where I have the difficulty: I struggle to find a way of adequately describing how I feel on those days. Anyway, here goes…

Lacklustre: feeling dulled and enervated (strange word ‘enervated’, it means the exact opposite of what it should mean, by the way it sounds). Lacking in motivation. Uninteresting and uninterested. Quiet. Slightly low mood. Not feeling bright and breezy. Things are a bit of an effort. Can’t really be bothered. The word ‘relaxing’ becomes a synonym for ‘lazy’. Not very alert. Wishy-washy. Not hugely productive. Having or wanting a ‘duvet day’.

Lacklustre is pretty much how I have been feeling for most of this week. I think I need to give myself a mental shake!


About Bossymamma

Bossymamma's Fibro Diary charts how I feel and how I cope with Fibromyalgia and the effects it has on me and my life. Writing it helps me and, maybe, reading it will help someone else. Bossymamma's Ramblings is exactly that! It may be me chuntering on about life. It could be a short story I've written. You never know, it might even be a poem! Little by Little by Bossymamma is about all things crafty.
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2 Responses to Sometimes It’s Hard To Describe

  1. Anne Greenhalgh says:

    You’ll get through those days, we all have to, but if you need anything, I’m here x


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