Well, There’s No Need For A Dentist!

Head in the clouds


 I can categorically assure you all that my Fibromyalgia has no need of a dentist at the moment. It has been well and truly showing its metaphorical teeth… and they are sharp.

During the reduction of my dose of Gabapentin, I have seen a general increase in tiredness and fatigue, particularly during this past week. I have also been feeling pain in the thoracic region of my back more often, but that does seem to happen when the fatigue is troublesome. At times, I have begun to feel overwhelmed by the lack of energy, although that feeling has been transitory, thank goodness.

I have also had other symptoms appearing: I don’t know whether these are coincidental, or not. I have, for the first time, had discomfort and swelling in my fingers, which has has affected my fine motor skills. I was building some models out of popular building bricks for my grandsons and found that I was struggling to put the smallest pieces together due to the sensations in my fingertips. I did manage to complete the models – well, a Nana mustn’t disappoint her Treasure and Precious, must she? – but at some cost to the comfort of my hands.

The other symptom is one that has reappeared: the feeling of being stabbed repeatedly in my feet. The sensation causes discomfort even when my feet are at rest, but walking is very uncomfortable.

It will be interesting to see how things progress when I begin taking the Amitriptyline, and, also as the dose increases.


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