Who Thought Up The Idea Of Fibro Flares?

Tree at Gallipoli


My partner and I have been on holiday for a fortnight, hence the silence on here. We were on a coach tour of Turkey which we booked last Autumn, during the period when I believed my fatigue was due to post-infection malaise, and before Fibromyalgia had been mentioned.

Before we went to Turkey, Peter expressed his concerns about how I would cope with the trip. I kept telling him that I would be fine. I reasoned that I would be able to rest during our times on the coach. Besides, this was the fourth time I had tried to go to Turkey and I didn’t want anything to spoil it.

Well, now we have returned and I came back with an unwanted extra: a chest infection. Several members of the tour group had fallen prey to the infection during the holiday so I suppose I was fortunate that I didn’t get it sooner. Only, I don’t feel at all fortunate.

Because of a pre-existing chest condition I am very susceptible to chest infections and am well used to how poorly they can make me feel – well, I thought I was. This is the first chest infection I have had since the Fibro appeared and, oh my goodness, how different it has been.

I suppose it is a combination of fatigue brought on by the holiday and the malaise associated with the infection, oh, and we mustn’t forget that I am halfway through the changeover of my medication, but this episode has made the fatigue I have previously had seem like a walk in the park! During the last 48 hours I have struggled to be awake for more than about half an hour at a time, and those times have been few and far between. I have slept and slept and then slept some more. I have barely been able to speak as the effort required was too great. Not only that, but Fibro Fog kicked in and I was struggling to understand anything anyone said to me. I couldn’t muster enough energy to want to talk to anybody. All of this has been made even more problematic because my mother rang me on Saturday evening to say she was being admitted to hospital that night. I simply haven’t had the wherewithall to deal with that and, of course, that made Guilt rear its ugly head. Luckily, I was too fatigued to be much concerned about feeling guilty.

In addition to the chest infection, the extreme fatigue and the Fibro Fog, I have also had more Fibro pain than ever before: in my shoulders, arms, thoracic region of the back, the lumber region, my chest, my groin, hips and knees. And, have I mentioned the weird things by body temperature has been doing? My body so hot and dripping with sweat whilst my hands and feet have been icy cold?

The fact that I have been able to sit and type this whilst feeling fairly human, feels absolutely wonderful. I’m not thinking about whether the woes of the past two days have passed, I am simply living for this moment. Fibro can definitely have that effect on a person.

And, as for Fibro Flares, whoever thought that idea up had a cruel and warped sense of humour.


2 thoughts on “Who Thought Up The Idea Of Fibro Flares?

  1. Hi Bossymamma
    I am very sorry to hear you are not at your best at the moment. Whilst not having a diagnosis of Fibro, I can certainly identify with a lot of what you have said for other reasons. Hope it helps to know that you are not on your own.
    t r a c y


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