Housework Is Bad For You!

Ruins at Aphrodysias
Ruins at Aphrodysias

I don’t like housework: by that I mean that I really don’t like housework. It is tedious and, as soon as you have done it, it needs doing again! Soul destroying.

Earlier this week I had a telephone call from Little Sis asking if she could come and stay for a few days. She said that, if it was OK, she would arrive this morning and leave early on Tuesday. Before I could confirm the visit with her I needed to check that I would be well enough to do what was necessary before her arrival. In other words, I had to be able to shovel enough dust out of the way to enable her to cross the threshold! I had a trial run and determined that I should be OK.

Being, still, in the grips of a Fibro Flare I set to and began tackling the housework. Ugh. The word itself is enough to send me into a panic. I girded my loins and whatever else needed girding, and began cleaning, tidying and vacuuming. (I should say, at this stage, that it is a mark of my regard for Little Sis that I was willing to undertake any housework prior to her visit: if it had been anyone else I would have simply said that they couldn’t come.)

Because of the effects of the Fibro Flare, I knew that I would need to pace myself so I took things very steadily. Even so, the little housework I did took quite a toll on me. Simply vacuuming the carpet in a couple of rooms wore me out and I would need to rest for a couple of hours before tackling anything else. Short bursts of activity interspersed with long periods of rest eventually led to my limited, planned cleaning being completed. I must say that I was rather pleased with myself and the amount I had managed to do. Then came today…

I made a mistake at the start of the day which ended up costing me dearly. What was the mistake? I’ll tell you: I washed my hair whilst I was in the shower. That’s not much, is it? Well, yes actually, it is. Unless I am going through a really good period with the Fibro, washing my hair and having a shower together quite simply drain me completely. I really do need to attend to the two things at separate times. But, of course, I didn’t do that today. I had meant to wash my hair last night, before going to bed, but I was so fatigued by the housework I had been doing, that I simply went straight to bed. Hence the need, this morning, for me to both have a shower and wash my hair.

Unusually, I had showered before breakfast, in the hope that I would have recovered by the time Little Sis arrived: she had strict instructions from me not to appear on the doorstep until 10:00 am, at the earliest, to give me time to get ready. In fact, I was ready early and was sitting down, resting, when she arrived. (Thank you for sitting in the car park at Asda so that you didn’t turn up early, Little Sis.)

Despite my resting after the shower, I was utterly exhausted for most of today. Indeed, I fell asleep only an hour or so after Little Sis’s arrival. It is very frustrating feeling so fatigued after my house cleaning efforts this week, but, at least, Little Sis and I get on so well that a little thing like 40 winks (or should that be “little things”?) is, or are, perfectly acceptable.

I am hoping that I have now recovered from my houseworking exertions of this week and that Little Sis and I will be able to enjoy our time together. In the meantime, the housework that I didn’t manage to do can simply remain undone!


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