And The Beat Goes On

View from Aphrodisias
View from Aphrodisias

I’m not sure whether this period of prolonged fatigue that I am in is due to a Fibro Flare or the change in my medication.

It is now two and half weeks since I began to feel so completely drained of energy. The chest infection that I believe was the main cause has completely cleared and gone away but the fatigue has remained. In fact, it seems to be slightly worse than it was last week, although that may just be my memory of how I was last week.

Little Sis has been here since Friday morning but we have hardly been able to do anything because I have been feeling so ennervated. The most I have been able to manage is to get myself washed and dressed and, after resting for a while, dragging myself out to the car to be driven somewhere to have lunch. Luckily, Little Sis was aware that this was likely to be the case before she embarked on the long haul up the M5 and M6 from Somerset. Actually, I think that she has been enjoying being able to sit here and read without me constantly interrupting her!

As well as the almost constant weariness, I have also noticed that I am suffering dizzy spells more frequently. I’m sure that the dizziness is due to the Fibro rather than migraine, as it has been markedly different. The dizziness appears to be in my eyes rather than elsewhere in my head: more of a disturbance of my vision than my balance. Although, having said that, often it has seemed to affect my balance as well. I am not explaining it well but, in my defence, it is a strange phenomenon to describe in words.

Another effect of the tiredness has been a lack of appetite. We usually eat our main meal in the evenings but, during this flare-up, I have found that by the time the evening comes I don’t want to eat. I think I am too weary to manage the effort required to eat, plus the mere thought of a main meal engenders feelings of nausea. This has meant that I have tended to eat a poor, unbalanced diet. The best I can manage is a little fruit, or a piece of cheese plus assorted snack foods. I suspect that the poor diet and tiredness are, together, creating a vicious circle which needs to be broken – the only trouble is that I don’t have the mental or physical energy to do it.

When you add to all that the other symptoms that I am having life becomes very tedious. My hands and feet are frozen one minute then burning hot the next, pain is coming to my chest and all three areas of my spine, I’m having pain in my upper arms and my knees and I am quite short-tempered. Put simply, I’m not much fun to be around at the moment!


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