Spring Is In The Air

Sumptuous Silks
Sumptuous Silks

Well, when I say that Spring is in the air, what I really mean is that there has been something of a spring in my step. The spring began on Monday evening when the Fibro flare vanished… just like that.

Oh, wow! What an amazing feeling it was. One minute I was being dragged along by the Fibro, and the next I was feeling really good. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t lethargic. My head was clear. I hadn’t realised how fuzzy my head had been until it cleared. Rather like when the windows have been cleaned – you had no idea how dirty they were until they’d been cleaned. And it wasn’t just me who noticed the difference. Little Sis and Peter both saw the change in me. My speech was clearer, my whole demeanor had altered.

The improvement has been almost constant since Monday evening. There have been two or three blips but they were nowhere near as bad as the flare had been. The first blip was, I believe, brought on by stress. It took a couple of hours to ease off, by which time I was feeling more relaxed. The second hiccough came last night when I went to bed. As with the first, I was feeling very nauseous, but I don’t think that the second one had anything to do with stress. The third blip happened this morning and took the form of sleepiness. Again, it lasted just a couple of hours or so.

I’m not sure whether the nausea is related to the Amitriptyline as my dose has reached 70mg. On checking the list of side effects for Amitriptyline, it appears that I may have several, although it may just be coincidental. It is obviously something that I need to keep my eye on and discuss with my GP. Oh, well. I don’t want to think about that for the time being: I would rather simply enjoy this fairly good period.


3 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. Yes, definitely appreciate the return to your new normal. You are establishing new benchmarks and coping remarkably well, even though it may be discouraging at times. Hugs and give yourself a pat on the back!


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