Expect The Unexpected

Camels with burdens
Camels with burdens

In my last post I mentioned the nausea I had been having. Unfortunately the nausea continued and worsened. It began adversely affecting my life. In fact, on Saturday, I felt decidedly unwell and had to find refuge in sleep.

I was awoken from my sleep by a surprise visitor but was still feeling very ill. Luckily the nausea evaporated after a while so I was able to enjoy having my son and his dogs staying overnight. However, I have had repeated bouts of nausea: not a nice experience.

This morning I was having a telephone consultation with my GP and told him about the nausea. I mentioned that I had been wondering if it might be a side effect of the Amitriptyline. He suggested that I reduce my dose from the 80mg that I have reached, to 50mg: again the change of dosage must be gradual. He said that I should see how well (or not) the Amitriptyline deals with the Fibro, giving it about six weeks on the 50mg a day, and we would review the situation. If a change of drug was needed we would look at Pregabalin.** So, I now have a slightly longer test period for Amitriptyline, which is such a nuisance. I need to visit my sister in Australia as soon as possible but I’m not sure whether I dare leave the country for three or four weeks during this time. It is very frustrating. At times it feels as though Fibromyalgia is ruling my life.

** I expect some people would take issue with my use of the word “we” when talking about my treatment. However, I have used the word deliberately as, for me, when decisions are made relating to my treatment they are made jointly Dr. Azeer and me.


3 thoughts on “Expect The Unexpected

  1. So sorry you are feeling so poorly Dina, my sister is still having all sorts of problems and tests as they thought she had fibromyalgia but that has now been ruled out and she’s back to square one.


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