That’s A Change

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

Today has been a good Fibro Day! It started early: I was awake at 3.30am and, as I was still awake at 4.40am, I decided to get up.

I used my early start to good effect. I had been using my sewing machine yesterday and, after I had eaten breakfast, I decided to continue sewing. I took a break at around 7.45am and was pleased with what I had achieved by that time. Oh, what a welcome feeling it was, having achieved something easily!

At around 9.30 my early start began to take its toll so I decided to have a sleep. Well, I had been up for five hours so I think I may be forgiven! After sleeping I didn’t do much until lunchtime but set to with my sewing project in the afternoon.

It is difficult to describe how wonderful it feels to have had a ‘normal’ day, to have achieved something significant without having to keep having long rests during the process. I didn’t finish the sewing task I had embarked upon but that’s because there was a lot to do, rather than it being too much for me to manage doing.

The only Fibro symptom I noticed today was cold feet – before Fibro dumped itself on my doorstep I hadn’t suffered from cold feet for very many years. I almost welcome cold feet now! I did start feeling some back pain. Mind you, I think that was due to the cutting, pressing and sewing I had been doing, rather than because of fatigue.

Having a good day and, actually, a fairly good week, has given me such a tremendous boost psychologically. I am enjoying the good times while they are here! 🙂


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Bossymamma's Fibro Diary charts how I feel and how I cope with Fibromyalgia and the effects it has on me and my life. Writing it helps me and, maybe, reading it will help someone else. Bossymamma's Ramblings is exactly that! It may be me chuntering on about life. It could be a short story I've written. You never know, it might even be a poem! Little by Little by Bossymamma is about all things crafty.
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