A Challenging Day

Istanbul at Night

Istanbul at Night

Today was a very challenging day.

I was happily researching flights and hotels for a trip I have been hoping to make in a few weeks’ time, when Life (definitely with a capital “L”) decided to jump into the picture, hogging all of the attention. It does that sometimes, doesn’t it?

Life had brought a couple of companions along for the ride: stress and upheaval. I have to tell you that those two companions executed their roles very effectively: they were both speedy and efficient, sickeningly so.


The one thing that Life didn’t do was to nudge awake the sleeping dragon that is Fibromyalgia. Honestly! It really didn’t manage to kickstart the Fibro! I had started the day on a good Fibro Day and, despite everything, I continued to have a good Fibro Day. Isn’t it great?

Woohoo! Today I kicked Fibro’s a*se. 🙂


About Bossymamma

Bossymamma's Fibro Diary charts how I feel and how I cope with Fibromyalgia and the effects it has on me and my life. Writing it helps me and, maybe, reading it will help someone else. Bossymamma's Ramblings is exactly that! It may be me chuntering on about life. It could be a short story I've written. You never know, it might even be a poem! Little by Little by Bossymamma is about all things crafty.
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