…and, breathe


I think I have mentioned on here before that I think adrenalin may affect how Fibromyalgia acts. I have certainly noticed that I am not affected as much by Fibro when the adrenalin in coursing through my body. That seems to have been the case since Friday, when I last posted on here.

On Friday and yesterday I had a lot of arrangements to make and plans to think about. It’s all to do with some emotionally charged ‘stuff’ that’s going on at the moment. I have been pacing myself: doing a certain amount and then relaxing. There were some things that I had started before the ‘stuff’ cropped up and which I wanted to complete. It wasn’t vital or even particularly necessary that they be finished, but I wanted to finish them. I am really pleased that I did manage to finish most of them. The one thing that I didn’t complete by the end of yesterday has been worked on today and looks as though it will probably be finished within the next day or so. I am so pleased with myself, that I have managed to achieve so much in the midst of the ‘stuff’. As for Fibro, well, it has hardly made an appearance!

Given that my days have been pretty full – using my brain for some things and my hands for others – one could reasonably expect that Fibro would rear its ugly head, except that it hasn’t, really.

The only symptoms that I have had since the start of Friday have been a little pain in my upper right arm on two or three occasions, and Fibro Fingers this morning. Other than that, I have been fine. In fact, this past week has been pretty good. Still, I can’t help feeling that it’s adrenalin that has been responsible for the lack of symptoms since the ‘stuff’ reared its ugly head. Of course, it may be the Amitriptyline working wonders and I rather hope it is as, otherwise, I might be in for a nasty bump when the Fibro kicks in!


3 thoughts on “…and, breathe

  1. It’s obviously a case of. . . I’m okay, till I stop . . . . . then it all floods in!! Like you, I would hope it is the Amitriptyline, but secretly, I really think it’s the adrenalin that’s help us keep going. My only advice is to rest up, when you can, in order to pace yourself xx


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