At The Beep The Time Will Be…

Istanbul at night
Istanbul at night

Well, it’s 9.00 pm here in Adelaide and 11.30 am in the UK. I am very thankful that my body clock has settled down and acclimatised to the time here. I was feeling totally disoriented in Singapore. It may have been because of the 16 hour layover, but I am inclined to think that my body’s difficulties were, to a large extent, due to the Fibromyalgia. In any event, I am now coping with the local time.

I slept long and well last night: from around 10.30 pm to about 8.45 am. However, I awoke with crippling back pain which was made worse by any movement. After breakfast my eyes began closing as they do when Fibro sleep is calling. I went back to bed and slept for a good couple of hours.

I cannot be sure whether or not the back pain was Fibro-related, so the only symptom I can really blame on Fibro is this morning’s sleepiness. I hope I am right and that this, pretty much, Fibro-free period is a remission, rather than being caused by Adrenalin. No doubt I will find out soon.


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