Cooking On Gas

Sydney Opera House from The Rocks
Sydney Opera House from The Rocks

There has been little time to post on here and, actually, very little to talk about vis-a-vis the Fibromyalgia.

The adrenalin has been doing a great job of knocking the stuffing out of any Fibro symptoms. Up until last night, I had been absolutely fine. There was something of a hiccup yesterday, though. We had taken my sister to do a few errands then she wanted to go to Semaphore which is on the coast, to the west of Adelaide city centre. When we returned after dropping my sister off, I became extremely unwell. It probably wasn’t due to the Fibro but, rather, to something I ate or drank.

I have to admit that I am dreading our farewell on Tuesday. Apart from the emotional consequences of the parting, I am worried that there is likely to be a huge drop in my adrenalin levels leading to a surge of Fibro symptoms. Having been so fatigued when we returned from our holiday in Turkey, although, admittedly, I also had a chest infection, makes me feel a bit frightened of how I shall cope with our return journey to the UK. I need to keep thinking of pleasant things to take my mind from pondering what might happen.

By the way, are you wondering why there is a photograph of Sydney Opera House at the head of a post about my time in Adelaide? Well, it’s because Peter and I flew to Sydney for the day on Wednesday, to see more of my family. During the afternoon, one of my cousins took us around Sydney on a mini sightseeing tour during which I took the photo.


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