The Amitriptyline Journey

Luscious-looking lovely chocolates
Luscious-looking lovely chocolates

I love chocolate.

On my first trip to Australia, my sister and I went into the centre of Adelaide and she took me to a chocolatier where she bought each of us a chocolate bar. As we exited the shop she offered me the receipt. I was puzzled and asked why she was offering it to me. “To wrap your chocolate bar in.” She said. I declined and explained that if I wrapped my bar in the paper it would waste chocolate. At least, if it melted onto my fingers, I could lick it off! She laughed and told me I was a real chocaholic. So, you can see that I love chocolate.

Last Sunday (not yesterday), Maria, Peter and I went out to lunch with Maria’s friends, Iris and Nancy. After lunch we all went to Iris’s house where Nancy gave Peter and me a present each. My gift was the box of handmade chocolates that you can see at the head of this post. You can’t see it in this picture, as it was upside-down when I snapped the photo, but the selection even included one that was bright blue!

You can imagine, I am sure, that I was looking forward to delving in and making my choice. However, I decided to wait until we were back home in England before diving in. Peter knew that his chances of being offered a chocolate were slim to none: not because I am greedy, but because his palate is such that fine food and chocolates are wasted on him.

Whilst in Australia I suffered badly from a sore throat caused by the dry climate, but also to the dreradful dry mouth that the Amitriptyline was causing me. I was also very unwell at the end of a day out, as I mentioned in my last post. I now realise that all of these things are connected.

During the drug changeover from Gabapentin to Amytriptyline, I began to feel very nauseous as my Amitriptyline dosage approached the maximum. I mentioned the problem to Dr. Azeer and we agreed that I would decrease the dose slightly and stay at that level during my visit to Australia. However, the nausea returned, sometimes becoming gagging or even vomiting and a foul taste was ever-present in my mouth. These two side effects have stayed with me and have me feel very unwell during the past few days. For various reasons I had to go supermarket shopping yesterday and the smell of various foodstuffs was at a level that had me wondering if I was going to have to make a quick dash to the loo. I don’t think I have ever been so thankful to finish shopping as I was yesterday.

The foul taste and almost constant feeling of nausea are putting me off eating. Food tastes so nasty that I can hardly bear to have it in my mouth. Even those lovely chocolates taste disgusting! How can that be? Why is it? Isn’t it bad enough to have everything else that’s happening, without being denied handmade chocolates? Having tried a few of the chocolates I have decided to put the rest away until the thought of eating is a pleasance rather than a pennance. I don’t think I shall have ever kept a box of chocolates for such a long time!


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