It Might Have Been Bad News

I just fancied a bit of colour!
I just fancied a bit of colour!

It is a while since my last post on here: nearly a fortnight. I am still reducing my dose of Amitriptyline after four days then after the next five days. I am only taking two 10mg tablets a day now, so I’m nearly there! It seems to have been an awfully long process, this change of medication. I was taking nine Gabapentin capsules a day, which had to be reduced one at a time, gradually, before I could begin taking the Amitriptyline. Once I started taking Amitriptyline, the dose increased by 10mg after four days, then five days, then four days again and so on, so that I could build up to the maximum dose. Then, of course, there were the two hiccoughs: needing to fly to Australia, and nausea.

The trip to Australia meant there was a hiatus in dealing with the side effects of the Amitriptyline. Actually, whilst in Australia, it didn’t really register with me that the problems I was having were due to the tablets. That’s not really a surprise, as there was a lot to contend with at the time. Anyway, once Peter and I returned to the UK, I could concentrate on the effect that Amitriptyline was having on my day-to-day life: and so began the slow reduction in the dosage.

Unfortunately, although my dose is greatly reduced, I am still getting unpleasant side effects. Not long now, though! Soon my dose will be nil! Yippee! I think…

I wonder how I will be, because, although I’ve had the nausea et al, the Fibromyalgia has been pretty much absent. Not completely. But very nearly. And that could be due to the Amitriptyline. Hmmm.

So, my absence on here might have been bad news… but it wasn’t. It was good news, because, as far as the Fibro was concerned, there really was very little to report…



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