Tempting Fate


Since Peter and I returned from Australia I have been unbelievably well. Most of the time I have had little or no sign of Fibromyalgia. I have had a few minor symptoms but nothing that particularly impinged on day to day life. In fact, I have felt so well that I haven’t wanted to tempt fate, or providence, by posting on here about it.

Over the past couple of days I have had some tiredness and fatigue but it hasn’t lasted. It has made itself felt, but then dissipated once I have rested. Sometimes it has been persistent and returned quickly, but it hasn’t been difficult to live with.

I know I am very lucky and I truly appreciate it. My friend Anne warned me last week to remember the ‘spoons’ as in the Spoon Theory but I told her I wasn’t thinking about spoons. And I wasn’t: I was making the most of feeling like me. I have been going out, doing things I enjoy, actually arranging activities. I haven’t felt confident enough to arrange going out or doing things, for a long time so, Yah Boo Sucks to the Spoon Theory. I’ll think about it when I need to – and I don’t need to at the moment!


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