Fancy A Game Of Hide And Seek?

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque

Do you know that feeling? The one where you are certain that you’re not alone but you can’t see anyone or anything? I don’t mean the spooky, scary sort of feeling, but more like the one where you are sure a child is playing hide and seek with you but you haven’t spotted him or her yet. Well, for the last few days, perhaps longer, I have had a feeling a bit like that one: except it’s not a person or an actual thing that’s hiding, it’s Fibromyalgia.

I have been having quite a few “mini symptoms” lately. What do I mean by “mini symptoms”? I mean where a symptom occurs but only very mildly, or for a very short time. I think the first time I really noticed the phenomenon was when Peter and I were having lunch with a friend, about 10 days ago. I had been feeling absolutely fine during my busy morning and on the drive to our agreed rendezvous (well I may have been a tad tired). However, not long after we sat down to lunch, I had an attack of dizziness. Luckily, it cleared quickly: it was a “mini” bout.

Another example happened a few nights ago. When I got into bed I found that I couldn’t get comfortable. I had had back ache during the evening but it seemed to be worse once I was lying in bed. Suddenly I was feeling pain all over my body. It was a feeling quite unlike anything I had felt before: quite simply, everything hurt. It really was a strange sensation. I don’t know how it happened, but I fell asleep very soon after the episode began. It was very curious.

I had another mini symptom today. I was preparing to cut some fabric when I had SOF: Sudden Onset Fatigue. I had to quickly change what I was doing. When fatigue strikes I have no idea how long it will last – it could very easily be days on end – so I needed to formulate a plan for what would help me most: it didn’t help that I was beginning to feel hungry. I managed to grab something to eat and drink whilst collapsed in a heap in a chair. An hour or so later, the fatigue had lifted. Very strange!

These mini symptoms that I have been having make me feel as though Fibromyalgia is playing Hide and Seek with me. It’s not letting me forget about it, it’s reminding me that it’s around and it can strike whenever it likes. However, I am coping with its game well. I am not running scared. I have been thoroughly relishing this period whilst I have been virtually symptom-free. That’s a lesson life taught me a long time ago: you’ve had bad times and you will again, but, in the meantime, make the most of the good times.

I don’t need telling twice!


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