Hmm… I wonder

Electric tree in Singapore
Electric tree in Singapore

It’s been a quiet week, here in Bossymamma’s Fibroland. We like those: quiet weeks. We are perfectly happy to have a quiet week, every week.

As far as the Fibromyalgia is concerned, there really hasn’t been much happening. All that I have noticed is that I have been feeling a little tired. In fact, I have dozed in the chair several times this week. That is unusual as, for a couple of months or so, I haven’t been falling asleep during the day. However, I am not overly concerned: it is just a little tiredness, after all. I haven’t felt the bone-aching exhaustion or fatigue for a while now.

With the re-emergence of the tiredness, I have wondered if the Fibro is getting ready for another onslaught. Although I have wondered about it, I have not worried about it. At the moment, I am able to pretty much live my life they way that I could BF i.e. before Fibro, and I am making the most of it.


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