Hmm… I wonder

Electric tree in Singapore

Electric tree in Singapore

It’s been a quiet week, here in Bossymamma’s Fibroland. We like those: quiet weeks. We are perfectly happy to have a quiet week, every week.

As far as the Fibromyalgia is concerned, there really hasn’t been much happening. All that I have noticed is that I have been feeling a little tired. In fact, I have dozed in the chair several times this week. That is unusual as, for a couple of months or so, I haven’t been falling asleep during the day. However, I am not overly concerned: it is just a little tiredness, after all. I haven’t felt the bone-aching exhaustion or fatigue for a while now.

With the re-emergence of the tiredness, I have wondered if the Fibro is getting ready for another onslaught. Although I have wondered about it, I have not worried about it. At the moment, I am able to pretty much live my life they way that I could BF i.e. before Fibro, and I am making the most of it.


About Bossymamma

Bossymamma's Fibro Diary charts how I feel and how I cope with Fibromyalgia and the effects it has on me and my life. Writing it helps me and, maybe, reading it will help someone else. Bossymamma's Ramblings is exactly that! It may be me chuntering on about life. It could be a short story I've written. You never know, it might even be a poem! Little by Little by Bossymamma is about all things crafty.
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