And There It Was… Gone.

Palmyra, Syria
Palmyra, Syria

During the last few days I have been feeling a little tired. It has taken me a while to get going in the morning as I have struggled to wake up properly. I have also dozed off in the armchair several times. It hasn’t been particularly bad, though. It’s been almost as though Fibromyalgia was knocking at the door and saying “Don’t forget me. I’m still here.” Despite that, I have pretty much been able to carry on with my everyday life, apart from yesterday: I overslept and had only been awake for a few minutes when Elizabeth arrived. She already knew that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t be able to go out to play, so she wasn’t particularly surprised. She was collecting the box I made on a course with her recently, to be included in a forthcoming exhibition, so at least her journey wasn’t wasted.

As the day wore on, I had more energy although it wasn’t up to recent levels. I was feeling quite lacklustre. This morning it, again, took a while for me to start firing on all cylinders. I had a few tasks that I had planned for today so I spent a few minutes deciding what order to do them in. Everything went well until lunchtime. I had been doing some sewing and felt that I needed to stop and have a cup of coffee, and a short rest.

That short rest took longer than I had anticipated – falling asleep in the chair can have that effect! When I awoke I had to struggle to stay awake and it took a mammoth effort to get out of the chair. It didn’t help that I was beginning to get symptoms of a migraine. I took my migraine medication and battled to sort the newly-washed laundry and hang it to dry. As it was, I only managed to deal with the large items, the small stuff is sitting in the laundry basket glaring at me as I type this. How is it that inanimate objects can make a person feel guilty?

My energy has simply disappeared. My arms and legs feel swollen and heavy, like lead. It feels as though my neck can barely hold up my head. The effort needed to expand my chest when I breathe is just too much to contemplate, so my breathing is shallow, which probably doesn’t help my energy levels. I had almost forgotten how this lack of energy felt but I’m being well and truly reminded of it now.

Somehow, I don’t think the lawn will get mown this afternoon.


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