Peeping Round The Corner

Singaporean architecture
Singaporean architecture

The fact that I haven’t posted for a while is no bad thing. The gap is due to me going out and about and doing things… and definitely not counting spoons!

Oh my! It has been a great feeling, so liberating.

The last few days haven’t been quite so wonderful. I hurt my back last week and have been struggling to cope with the pain and restricted movement. I have also had bouts of tiredness: not the all-encompassing exhaustion that I was having a while ago, thank goodness, but more the sort of tiredness that just needs sleep to sort it out. It has been a bit awkward, but certainly not overwhelming. Although the last couple of days have been worse than last week, I am hopeful that the Amitriptyline will continue to keep the symptoms of my Fibromyalgia at bay. The Amitriptyline will have its hands full, one way or another, but I have decided that my cup is half full this week, rather than half empty: Optimism Rules!


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