We Could Be Approaching Open Season

Fascinating building in Singapore
Fascinating building in Singapore

Things have changed a bit since my last post. The Fibromyalgia is not peeping around a corner, it has come out into the open. The fatigue I was experiencing at the time of my last post, has continued and worsened. It has begun to intrude into daily life by stopping me going to my regular activities. I have been resting quite a bit and, for the last few days, I have slept during the day: sometimes just once, sometimes more.

The fatigue can be very frustrating. I sit in an armchair, after having just slept and rested, then decide to do a small chore and I’m back to being exhausted again. Feeling so fatigued isn’t the same as feeling tired. Fatigue makes me feel quite unwell and desperate to lie down and sleep. If a space has to be cleared for me to be able to lie on the sofa, it can make me feel worse as my brain and body cease working in harmony. My brain can’t seem to work out what has to be done. That leads to frustration because I am so desperate to lie down and sleep but can’t figure out how to arrange things so that I can rest.

Another symptom that has been happening is Fibro Fog. This is made worse because I don’t always realise that it is happening. I start to do a chore that involves me having to use my brain and I make a real mess of it. It seems as though my brain is telling me to do the complete opposite of what I actually should do. I don’t always realise that it has been happening and end up being surprised by the mistakes that I have made.

Although the fatigue has worsened and the Fibro Fog is being a nuisance, my Fibro life is not too bad at the moment… thank goodness!


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