How Can Something So Easy Be So Difficult?

Penguins get cold too!
Penguins get cold too!

The tiredness and fatigue are continuing but not in the same way as I have had previously. Sometimes, when I am sitting, I feel fine but, as soon as I try to do anything, I have no energy whatsoever. I have been wanting to get some laundry done for several days but I have a problem. The laundry bin is upstairs and the washing machine is downstairs. I go upstairs to sort the laundry but, by the time I reach the top of the flight of stairs, I am totally exhausted – certainly too tired to sort the laundry! This has been going on since the end of last week! It’s so silly, isn’t it? Such a simple task but it has taken me several days to work out how best to achieve it. Even then, I set the washing machine to do its longest wash so that I could have a decent rest before tackling the next part of the process… taking the clean washing out of the machine and putting it somewhere to dry.

I have to admit that I have found the laundry challenge frustrating. I’ve lost count of the number of times I attempted it, times when I thought I had much more energy than I actually did, but, at last, it is done. Thank goodness.

The fatigue has been affecting me differently for the past couple of days: I can drag myself around slightly more easily than before – it hasn’t been suddenly striking me as I walk across a room. No, it hasn’t done that, instead it feels as though I am dragging a heavy load across Antarctica in hurricane force winds. To say that my limbs feel as though they are made of lead is just too glib. It doesn’t give any idea of the sensation that I have of them dragging behind me so badly that they are being stretched out of their sockets and simultaneously sucked into quicksand. I know that sounds like a strange description but, believe me, it’s a really weird feeling.

It’s a strange so-and-so, this Fibromyalgia. It keeps changing the way it affects me. I start getting used to a particular symptom but then it decides to change the way the symptom manifests itself. It really isn’t playing fair! Would someone tell the referee, please?


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