All Bets Are Off


I spoke too soon. I should have just kept quiet, shouldn’t I? Why did I tempt fate?

Although I don’t think I had mentioned it on here, when speaking to friends, if they asked me how things were going, I was able to tell them that the biggest stresses in my life had eased a bit in the last few days. Huh! That didn’t last long so “all bets are off”!

Yesterday morning I decided to have my breakfast quite soon after getting up: I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten much on Saturday. Breakfast consisted on two slices of toast so it wasn’t exactly huge. A while later, I was hammered by fatigue, but not just fatigue: it was accompanied by overwhelming nausea. I felt very, very unwell. I was torn between lying down to sleep or ‘dashing’ (yeah, right!) to the bathroom. The urge to sleep won.

Now, nausea is a difficult one as there are several possible causes:
Gastric bug, or

As well as the nausea, the rest of my digestive system felt a bit dodgy. It didn’t feel the way it normally would if I had a bug, but it certainly didn’t feel good. So, given the evidence, it seemed reasonable to assume that I had picked up a bug. That meant that I had to cancel a proposed visit from my son and his family – really disappointing.

Eventually, as the day wore on, I started to feel better, although far from good, making me realise that it wasn’t a bug that had caused the nausea. Oh well, probably the Fibro, then. Normal service resumed and, as that happened, all those ‘lovely’ stresses began to reappear, beginning with my mother. Those mother-related problems built up and up, causing my stress level to similarly increase, and now my sister’s condition is becoming more worrisome as well.

Do you know what? Sometimes, just sometimes, life stinks!

There is one good thing about Fibro, though. Yes, there really is – for me, anyway. It gives me cold feet! Yes, I know – I’m weird. But, for years and years and years I have suffererd from hot feet, so for my feet to be cold is sheer bliss!


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