Nice to be back…

The Italian Chapel on Mainland in the Orkney Islands

Hello, I’m back.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A long while.

In my last post I mentioned the theory that perhaps my Fibromyalgia would be gone with, what some perceived, as the cause gone. My younger son, the eternal optimist, had been the first person to actually say the words, but he was only saying what several important people in my life were thinking. I freely admit that I was one of those people, which is surprising given that I tend to be a pessimist! However, life has taught me that you have to recognise and appreciate the good times in order to help you through the bad.

For several months, the Fibro hardly made an appearance and I certainly recognised my good fortune. That was the main reason for the hiatus on here – there just wasn’t anything to write about! Other areas of my life were not so good, which was another reason that I didn’t post. Recently, life has found a new pattern which, disappointingly, includes a resurgence of the Fibro.

Since around Christmas 2016, I have been noticing bits of pain appearing in some parts of my body – a bit unpleasant but easily tolerable. Slowly the pain increased in intensity, but remained tolerable. I discussed these changes with my GP, Dr. Azeer, earlier this year and we agreed that it was better for me to continue without any medication for the time being. After all, that decision can be changed if circumstances alter, which they have done this week. Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis may have left the building but Fibro pain has, most definitely, entered it!

Things began to change after a recent particularly busy period. Initially I thought it was simply a flare-up because I had overdone things: I was feeling more pain in a couple of spots and was having more frequent bouts of dizziness and of fatigue. The pain was steadily increasing and, although still tolerable, it was becoming more persistent. In addition, my sleep pattern had deteriorated. I was having to take frequent rests whenever I undertook any tasks: frustrating but OK. However, last week something new happened…

I had almost finished some sewing that I was doing and I was feeling tired, but in a way I didn’t remember having felt before. I decided not to stop as I had so nearly completed the task. With hindsight, I cannot decide whether that was the right or wrong thing to do. Once I had done what I wanted, I went to rest in my recliner chair and, oh, did I need to rest! I was assailed by more pain than I had experienced previously. Not only that, but the pain hurt more than it had before and I felt very unwell because of the combined effects of pain and fatigue. I am finding it impossible to adequately describe how I was feeling as it was far removed from my experiences with Fibro thus far.

As the evening wore on, I felt less unwell but was still in a lot of pain. It made being in bed, and sleeping, very difficult. I couldn’t find a reasonable position to lie in. My left arm and shoulder are heavily affected by pain and it was even worse that night, hence my difficulties in deciding how to lie. The severe pain continued well into the following afternoon, easing slightly as night-time approached. My partner and I were out for the day and, when I drove home in the early evening, I found it unusually painful to drive his car. That is a slightly concerning element but it does reinforce how pleased I am with the car I bought last year, as I find it easier to handle and less tiring to drive.

The days since that episode have become steadily better and, in fact, I have just had two, yes two, pretty good days on the trot. I think those closest to me are pleased as I tend to make noises when I am in pain. I try not to groan, but I am often unsuccessful…

**    Apologies to all Orcadians. My partner has just told me that the Italian Chapel is not on Mainland but on another of the Orkneys. Apparently we crossed water en route from Kirkwall! My excuse for not noticing is that I wasn’t really with it. It was just two or three hours after I had been told of my sister’s death.


2 thoughts on “Nice to be back…

  1. Oh…I too had thought your son’s theory had merit. I am glad to hear that the last couple of days had been an improvement. Late last week I found myself thinking about this particular blog and wondering how you were faring. Now, as a radio commentator used to say, “for the rest of the story…”


    1. Thank you, Marziah. For a long time I didn’t feel that I wanted to blog at all but I decided a few days ago that I would use the blog to record what the Fibro is up to.


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