Being Aware Of The Warning Signs

The interior of Durham Cathedral

I can hardly tell you how much better I felt ths morning, when I awoke for the day. I had slept fitfully through the night but still managed to feel somewhat refreshed. The only pain or discomfort I had was in my upper left arm but was easy to cope with.

My friend, Janet, and I were looking forward to visiting Durham on today’s excursion. We had agreed that we would make use of the shuttle bus that runs between the coach park to the cathedral, in a bid to stave off any fibro fatigue. I was feeling pretty good and, as we exited the cathedral, I suggested that we walk down to the Market Square. It was wonderful to feel bright enough to enjoy that short walk, albeit with a stop for coffee, en route.

We had heard about a small area of Durham that we had hoped to visit but the stars were not in alignment. By the time we reached Market Square I was beginning to feel the onset of pain in the thoracic area of my spine so I knew I needed to rest for a while. This symptom tends to appear when my body is trying to stave off fatigue, so it was important that I take evasive action, for example, by resting, which I did. Resting certainly eased the situation. I have noticed this phenomenon previously – it is tried and tested.

Over dinner this evening, Janet and I were discussing the effects that over-tiredness have on me, and, also, possible causes for the fatigue. I now need to think about ways to ease the triggers that bring on the fatigue. I have been trying to fit a lot into a fairly short space of time but it is becoming obvious that I need to spread the load more…

Watch this space to see if I manage…



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