It All Mounts Up

Lots of bridges across the River Tyne

Little Sis and I are still on our holiday. Yesterday we sampled the delights of Hartlepool on a half-day excursion.

We had spent quite some time thinking, discussing and planning what we would do and had finally decided to visit the Art Gallery. As we alighted the coach, we were directly opposite the square where the gallery is situated so had only to walk about 100 yards to go inside. When we left we headed for the shopping centre which was directly opposite the square, right by where the driver had dropped us off.

We found a coffee shop where we stopped for a while, then we wandered around some of the shopping centre, calling in at just three or four shops. By the time we had done that, I was becoming very fatigued and the telltale back pain was starting. In view of that, we found a bench and sat down to wait out the last hour before the coach was due to pick us up.

During the short drive back to the hotel I rested. There was an optional excusoin in the afternoon which Little Sis and I had talked about going on. However, I realised that I was too lacking in energy, so Little Sis decided to go without me.

We ate the lunch we had brought back with us and Little Sis departed. After spending some time online, I lay down to rest. I fell asleep soon after, waking when Little Sis returned. I didn’t stay awake for long, though. Two and a quarter hours later, I was wakened by the telephone!

Even though I had slept for much of the afternoon, I also slept well overnight. I think going out each day this week has drained me to the extent that I haven’t been able to fully recharge my batteries. I think the cumulative effect of the past several days has hit me. I don’t know whether it has happened because of the bad patch I have had, or whether I have, perhaps, reached a stage where a holiday like this is simply too much to cope with in a short space of time. I think I shall reserve judgment until I have tried another coach holiday. Maybe that will give me a better idea…



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