Tempting Providence

A very clever elephant at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

I should have known better shouldn’t I? One should never tempt providence, but what did I do? I dangled a tasty carrot in front of providence, which it simpy couldn’t ignore. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

There was I, extolling the virtues of turmeric, smug as you like, and what happens? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Fibro decided to rattle its cage! Grrrrr!

I don’t want to mislead anyone which I want to say, right now, that the rattle wasn’t deafening, although it was bad enough. It wasn’t that I was assailed by pain. On the contrary, it was actually fatigue that was causing the problems this week. Well, it started on Friday of last week, but it has definitely been hanging around for most of this week. It hasn’t been grossly debilitating as I have paced myself and worked around it, tackling tasks whenever I have had a splodge of energy. (I’ve no idea what a ‘splodge’ of energy is, it just felt like exactly the right word to describe the amount of energy available to me when I was doing things.)

This tends to be the way I manage day-to-day living best: by doing things whenever I feel brighter. Sometimes the brightness lasts a few hours, but it can be as little as a few minutes. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have collapsed in a heap after bringing an armful of laundry downstairs and setting it to wash. At least the washing machine takes long enough to go through its cycle, so that I can rest before having to empty it.


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